Safe City

Cities and other urban populated areas are hubs for business and culture. However, they are susceptible to natural disasters, safety hazards, crime and terror.
From start to finish: conceptualization, design, implementation, and management, we provide solutions for ensuring the safety of a city and for keeping its citizens and systems protected.
  • Infrastructure – handling all aspects of infrastructure, from water and sewer systems to power lines, roads and sidewalks.
  • Emergency and security – we create a full scale emergency and security solution including central control headquarters and CCTV monitoring systems, IT and cyber security, and the formation or upgrade of emergency and security forces.
  • Security procedures and safety protocol – we create complete operational protocols for routine and emergency situations for the entire city from the kindergarten and school levels all the way up through to the city’s central control headquarters
  • Emergency equipment – we supply and upgrade all necessary emergency equipment vital to the protection of a city, in the event of an emergency
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