Mega Events

We provide emergency, safety and security solutions for large-scale events, both planned and spontaneous, such as: sports events, rallies, concerts, demonstrations, and protests. We offer comprehensive detailed plans relevant for the various scenarios and circumstances, operational methods and training of all personnel.

  • Emergency – we provide the knowledge and methodologies for the efficient and effective coordination of emergency units and procedures for mass evacuation and mass-casualty incidents
  • Safety – we train all ushers and operational staff, monitor infrastructure safety, and follow and implement electricity and fire safety protocols
  • Security – we create complete plans for perimeter security, event security and the coordination of security, police, and riot-control forces
  • Critical facilities – including but not limited to: power plants, gas / oil facilities (drilling, pipelines), mines, chemical / biological plants, nuclear reactors, reservoirs, pharmaceutical factories, laboratories and ports
  • Governmental facilities – including but not limited to: ministries, police facilities, courts, federal banks, and stock exchange markets

We can create a solution based on our clients needs, either assign a specialist to work closely with the execution team, fully manage the event or consult and guide the customer throughout the process.

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