We provide the knowledge, techniques, training and equipment for the various aspects of maritime security. Our maritime experts come from the world’s leading naval commando units and coast guards, with years of proven track record defending seaports and sea vessels.
  • State-level security – we provide the methodology, training and equipment for states / countries to ensure all seaport security needs, including radar and special equipment at sea and in port
  • Perimeter security – we provide perimeter security plans, training and equipment; from physical structures such as fences, gates, and security cameras to manpower, methods of operation, and command headquarters.
  • Merchandize screening – we provide all the screening machines, spare parts and personnel-training, and the world’s most advanced technology, capable of screening 100% of shipping containers.
  • BOT – our clients can take advantage of our BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) option that handles the entire operation from planning to implementation, providing all the financing, manpower, knowledge, and equipment.
  • Ship security – We provide comprehensive security solutions for both cargo ships and passenger liners.
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