Dignitary Protection

We provide the knowledge, techniques, training and equipment for Dignitary Protection Units around the globe. Our dignitary protection experts come from the world’s leading secret-service units, with years of proven track records, protecting presidents, heads of state, state officials, and delegations.
  • Close protection – training in close protection special tactics and techniques that cover the various layers of security: operational and evasive driving; armed and unarmed combat methods; and, threat recognition.
  • Intelligence – training and operational methods for intelligence gathering, including: surveillance and counter-surveillance; mail and parcels checks; investigations and background checks.
  • Emergency protocols – provision of emergency action plans; crisis and evacuation procedures; and, injury protocols required for protecting dignitaries.
  • Aerial evacuation – imparting knowledge and training for aerial evacuation of dignitaries under protection: evacuation under extreme / hostile conditions; evasive maneuvers; landing in extreme situations; interaction between detail and aircraft
  • Hostage crisis – managing negotiations and SWAT units to handle the situation
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