Counter Terrorism

Ametos – whose operatives have many years of experience in the world’s leading intelligence organizations, counter-terrorism (also called anti-terrorism) and special forces units – offers complete solutions for the war on terror. We teach and train all task forces engaged in counter-terrorism.

Ametos uses a “three-perimeter” model to describe its counter-terrorism activities.

The outer perimeter we provide intelligence techniques, training, operational methods and technological equipment to HLS recon units.

The middle perimeter Ametos provides all the necessary equipment and training for middle perimeter teams. These teams objective is to clear anyone who goes into the inner perimeter, using Intel received from the outer perimeter if provided.       

The inner perimeter– Ametos provides methods and training for inner perimeter teams. These special teams roam the inner perimeter, searching for any suspicious signs, with the ability not only to prevent the launch of a terrorist attack, but also to intervene, eliminate and minimize the consequence of an ongoing attack.

*Attack management and hostage situations– we offer complete solutions for situations in which a terrorist attack is launched – from containment and evacuation to intervention.

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