Airports and aircrafts are the gateways and means that enable international business and travel, and exactly for that reason they are some of the most sought after targets for terrorism.
We provide the knowledge, technique, training and equipment for the various fields of aviation security. Our aviation security experts have a long track record defending airplanes and airports in the most targeted environments in the world. 

Flight security

We provide the knowledge and training as well as equipment and principles and guidelines needed for flight security:

  • In-flight aircraft security – our expertise includes air marshal training and techniques for flight security personnel
  • On-ground aircraft security –we impart the knowledge and operational methods to protect aircraft on the ground and supervise technical teams

Airport security

We offer comprehensive solutions to ensure the completely secure operation of airports; we provide the required knowledge, operational methods and training.

Perimeter security – full perimeter security solutions for all layers of security, including:

  • Outer-perimeter defense – including anti-missile systems
  • Physical perimeter – including fences, security cameras, security-guard training and methods of operation
  • Inner-perimeter defense – protecting the airport facilities and air space
  • Entrance / exit corridors – including gates, access roads, and parking lots / garages

Screening – we provide the knowledge, equipment and operational methods for passenger and baggage / cargo screening

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