We create a customized operational solution that meets the unique challenges discovered during the assessment phase for the specific HLS area and provide our governmental clients a tailored solutions for their needs.
Homeland Security

We have assembled some of the world’s leading experts in security. All of our experts are uniquely qualified to offer advice & experience in confronting the risks of international terror & crime. We provides a full range of training programs for the enhancing, developing and establishing the security arrays.

Extensive experience in training and establishing SWAT Units
Comprehensive solutions for borders and points of entry
Knowledge, technique, training and equipment for the various fields of aviation
Our maritime experts come from the world’s leading naval commando units
From intelligence to intervention - We developed unique approach for Counter Terror

Created by some of the top security experts in the world, Ametos’s approach for Homeland Security is an holistic approach providing governmental clients with unique capabilities and methods. The innovative tactics used by Ametos allows more efficient, strong and holistic approach for security.


We are imparting the most appropriate and up-to-date methods and techniques for carrying out the solution. We offer comprehensive  solutions for HLS purposes. We provide HLS units with the training to gather information by means of silent penetration, technological equipment, and advanced visual and audio recording in order to better operate against subversive entities and individuals.


We maintain strict compliance at all times with local legal requirements and is in regular contact with the relevant bodies and institutions to ensure such compliance. The company’s intelligence, special forces, counter terrorism and cyber warfare operatives, with decades of proven operational experience in covering all aspects of HLS, bring clients turnkey solutions for the various fields of HLS, from thorough assessment and tailored comprehensive plans to innovative methods, targeted training, and all the equipment needed for implementation of the specific solution.